a week in Jakarta

Senin, 16 Maret 2009

We'd been a week Jakarta treated us for something great ...

Jakarta was not really friendly huh?! some of us were sick ... Pak Hery fell down from the battle field :)

But Togetherness is the only medicine which empowered us to be able to stand up all week long ...

I made a milis named wearecoolteacher@yahoogroups.com I sent the invitations to all of you. accept the invitation and will be in touch easily. I entered the cell phones' numbers in the group. check it in application --> address book

a game

Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009

I want to share something in teaching English. It's a game. anyone knows what game called "lets go around the world" ? just pretend that you don't know it, Ok! :)
Hello children, today we're going to go around the world. Just pretend that we've just won the quiz called "who wants to be millionaire". Let start from America, where do you think you can go kids? (in the beginning kids wouldn't know how does it work, they would just mention any country that they want, so you may want to mention first for the beginning) Ok then , after America we can go to Russia, right?! it's fun in Russia you know?! and what do you think we can go after Russia, let's go around the world! What do you think Martha? where we can go? [Mbak Martha will be silent, I bet :)]I think we can go to Oklahoma yeeee ... yeah it's good in Oklahoma.
Lets go around the world, what you think Bahrul? where we can go next? (Mas Bahrul also will be silent too I guess hehehe) I think we can go to ... UK yeeeee (Kids will be looked curious mixed with angry, I love being boss hehehehee) Ok lets go around the world!
anyone knows the answer? what is the key?
Yeah you right, Gage Andi :) the key is the order letter of "around the world"
Try that out cool teacher! it will be fun! it will be also full in English! you will be getun if you don't want to practice it :) hehehehe ...
Have a teaching time!
Idham B - Krapyakian


Kamis, 04 Desember 2008

i dun how to start n what will i write but i wanna share to u about everything i feel n i think, one day i tried to tell to my friends about my planning in sharing our technique that we've got from training but no respond from them, so how to share with them??? on the other hand my principle ask me to be an OC to hold a training n invite bu itje, n now still in planning n at 20th dec i'll meet b. itje first n tell to her about my planning, even i sent sms to b.itje n she agreed. but i still confuse with my job description. actually i plan my training at 9-10 january n invite the other school around me. if u have suggestion about my plan please call me or send me sms as soon as possible ok!!!!

luv n miss u all


Minggu, 30 November 2008

Here I m just home from my being sick for a weeks. I got bored with doing nothing, then I started trying to write anything. On the way I was writing suddenly appear in my mind why don`t I write about CL. Yeah .. moreover deeply I feel cool in my heart, not too long I realize that I really miss all friends there, What are they doing there???? Do they still remember me too?By smiling because of remembering the atmosphere in Jogja, I wrote a word by word. Alhamdulillah it had finished.Although it was the condition, I am still lucky . Why? During my bed rest I still could construct the summary all things I got with all friends at Krapyak about the CL.
About the reunion, I agree with Isna. I believe that we can not do it when we do not make it.What do you think?.
By the way telling my progressive teaching was succesfully well-done in each grade, although little bit tired of making the detail preparation and handle the class. It would n`t be nothing when we know it works.
Congratulation for the success for all of you. Be patient and never give up, let`s ensure ourselves that we can make it works.
MISS YOU ALL..... I Really want to meet all of you. LOVE YOU ALL

Martha Evi Krisnawati

Flash info

Senin, 24 November 2008

Hello cool teachers!
I've made our blog more simple. You can chose either
For log in, use the same email and password.
For Mr. Bahrul, if you have a new method which is effective on you, would you please explain it to us in this blog. We may want to try it too.
For others, let us hear your voice ... write some on the blog, please!
Thanks :)
Warm regards,
Idham B - Krapyakian


Minggu, 16 November 2008

By Idham Badruzaman*

Hari itu aku sudah sangat lelah melakukan aktifitas selama seharian penuh. Bayangan kasur, bantal, bantal guling dan selimut menari-nari didepanku laksana seorang Geisha yang dengan lemah gemulai menarik-narik tanganku untuk datang kepelukannya. Uhhh ... so attractive! Namun rupanya aktifitasku belum usai. Masih ada satu lagi pekerjaan mulia yang orang bilang tanpa tanda jasa: mengajar bahasa. Inggris tentunya. Dengan langkah gontai, kupaksakan aku pergi menemui para syuhada yang sedang haus menanti tetesan ilmu. Bismillahirrohmanirrohim ...
Sesampai di kelas kontan aku tersenyum, energic dan penuh semangat. I think training yang selama 6 hari berfungsi dengan baik. Efeknya bereaksi dengan tiba-tiba. Dengan sendirinya menuntunku untuk berbuat sebuah aktivitas mengajar yang reformatif dan efektif. Rupanya Tempaan pada besi telah membuatnya menjadi baja disadari atau tidak. kepada aku sekalipun. Aku yang kata beberapa orang bilang bahwa I was not focus on participating the training. Tapi rupanya tempaan pada besi itu begitu kuat. Sehingga mampu mengubah besi yang aneh sekalipun menjadi baja J
Aku mengajar siswa kelas 12 atau kelas 3 SMA. Sehingga tergambar jelas bayangan UAN mengintimidasiku setiap kali aku mengajar. Jelas aku tidak bisa memulai dari awal lagi untuk pembelajaran baru ini kepada mereka. Karena memang materi yang harus disampaikan cukup banyak buat mereka. Disisi lain akupun tidak mau meruntuhkan piramid yang sedang aku bangun bersama 24 guru lain di jawa dan 25 guru lainnya di Sumatra. Akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk terus melanjutkan materi yang ingin aku sampaikan kepada mereka, tapi dengan pengantar bahasa Inggris, no translation, using classroom language which is simple and easy dan membuatnya bergerak dan bergerak sehingga it will keep them awake and ready.
Pada kesempatan itu, materi yang aku ajarkan adalah passive voice. Something came up in to my head suddenly. Di menit-menit terakhir, setelah aku membuatnya pindah-pindah untuk aktifitas pairs dan kelompok. Aku pun membaginya menjadi dua kelompok, kemudian menyuruhnya untuk berbaris berhadapan. Aku memulai dengan mengucapkan active voice dan melemparkannya pada orang pertama di salah satu kelompok. Dia harus bisa menggantinya dengan passive voice. Kemudian dilanjutkan oleh teman disampingnya untuk melontarkan kalimat aktiv kepada orang pertama di kelompok kedua. Kemudian setelah orang pertama kelompok dua menjawab, dilanjutkan dengan orang kedua dari kelompok dua untuk melemparkan kalimat aktif. Begitu pun juga seterusnya. Namun jika ada yang salah mengucapkan kalimat passive, maka dia harus pindah kelompok. Begitupun juga jika mereka mengucapkan kalimat passive padahal kalimat itu tidak mempunyai kalimat passive maka dia harus pindah kelompok juga. Contohnya she cooks tomorrow. Tentu tidak mungkin ada kalimat she is cooked tomorrow. Jika memang tidak ada passive nya maka si anak harus bilang “No passive voice”. Jika tidak bilang, dia pun harus pindah. Anak yang cerdas, biasanya akan berfikir untuk mencari pertanyaan yang tricky, yaitu pertanyaan yang tidak ada passive voicenya.
In the end, kelompok yang mempunyai anggota paling banyak adalah kelompokyang menang. It was happy ending!

* He is a learner who is also a teacher in Krapyak Islamic Boarding School - Yogyakarta

Jumat, 14 November 2008

i agree with idham...dun give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! explore ur ability to encourage ur students!!! i try it and i get the result. my students can produce the speech even in limitation. but it's ok step by step it will be better!!!!